Conservation meets Art: Celebrating the elusive Jewels of Sarawak’s Rainforests With top-notch Sarawakian (and international!) cuisine, art, and culture under one BIG roof with the historic Brooke-era Square Fort at its heart, this is Kuching city summed up! Films BY the Indigenous. ABOUT the Indigeous. FOR THE WORLD. Making social impact through indigenous wisdom, stories and voices. The internationally-acclaimed Peranakan play comes to RWMF Fringe! Witness the award-winning performance depicting the trials and tribulations of an affluent Peranakan matriarch in Singapore. January Low’s sellout performance comes to the FRINGE: RWMF. Witness this award-winning performer tell her life’s story through the ancient Indian dance form, Odissi, with a fresh and contemporary spirit. For the first time ever, the Rainforest World Music Festival comes to Kuching city centre for 2 nights on the 3rd and 4th July 2020 at the Kuching Amphitheatre. ALL FOR FREE! Nature Provides. Man Creates. Join Society Atelier Sarawak and AHPADA for a hands-on experience with Asia Pacific’s boldest and most innovative contributions to an ancient artform both creative and functional.

Celebrating Artistry,
     Expressing Diversity

The prelude and complement to the iconic Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF), The RWMF Fringe is an annual festival showcasing the crème-de-la-crème of visual and performing arts and lifestyle. Staged across key historic and creative locations in the heart of Kuching City, this exciting multi-genre festival aims to bring the best of contemporary, traditional as well as innovative experimental works to festival goers. 

With over 23 unique and 108 daily events across 17 different genres, the RWMF Fringe offers an all-encompassing and immersive 13 days of mesmerising art exhibitions, powerful performances, and eye-opening discussions and workshops that are sure to captivate its audience.

Together, the RWMF and the RWMF Fringe are poised to ignite an artistic storm across Borneo’s beautiful Cat City this July.


When is the RWMF Fringe?

The RWMF Fringe kicks off the Rainforest World Music Festival and happens from the 3 to 15 July 2020. 


Where are the events staged?

Events are staged at exciting venues within a  kilometer radius of Kuching city center.


Who can attend?

There something for everyone. Events are either ‘Free of Charge’ or ticketed affordably. 


Our Programme?

The RWMF Fringe Programme will be released by April 2020. You can download a pdf version HERE


Ministry of Tourism, Arts, & Culture



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