January Low’s sellout performance comes to the FRINGE: RWMF. Witness this award-winning performer tell her life’s story through the ancient Indian dance form, Odissi, with a fresh and contemporary spirit.

dedicated is a full-length solo performance by Malaysian-Indian classical dance prodigy, January Low.


With routines learned from Indian maestro Sonali Mohapatra in the basement of the performer’s own home set to music composed by flautist Shri Abhiram Nanda, Low shares her journey from girl to wife to mother – all through one of India’s most ancient dance forms, Odissi. Punctuated with narrations of Low’s life, this additional layer to the show brings the audience even closer into her tale.


Selling out at its Kuala Lumpur premiere in 2017, dedicated  shares many moments of self-doubt, regret, conflict, and ultimately coming into one’s own.


Date: 7th of July | 8th of July | 9th of July 2020
Time: 8:30pm – 10:00pm
Venue: Studio 8 at The Hills

Photo credited to Huneid Tyeb