Dream Wanderer Theatre

A theatrical exploration of bejalai – the real-world journey mirroring the spiritual quest of an Iban warrior to fulfil his destiny. Experience the interplay between dreams and reality on the road to manhood through the indigenous rituals that once reconciled them.

Combining Balinese shadow play with Bornean rites, follow our young Iban youth and his shadow-self of dreams and emotions; burdens and beliefs; community expectations and personal aspirations; as they journey towards a reconciliation of his inner and outer worlds.


As the line between dreams and reality blur, our wanderer must navigate the mythology of manhood – as provider, as warrior, as protector – through the rites of passage once practised by his people, testing his character and resilience for the path ahead.


Bejalai is the ritual journey made real, the spur to movement that will take him from the heart of his community into the wider world beyond. Only when he conquers his temporal and spiritual selves can he return, enriched by his quest, as the Warrior at last.


This is his bejalai.


Title: Dream Wanderer
Date: 5th of July 2020
Time: 6:45 am – 7:45 am
VenueStreet Stage @ Carpenter & Bishop Gate Streets

Photo credited to Charles Mclean