A powerful story recounting the time of conflict between the Kayan and the Kenyah; a journey from war to love, immortalised in song and dance

Featuring an inter-generational cast of performers from the Kayan and Kenyah of Tubau and Baram, KELUNAN is a multi-disciplinary performance deeply rooted in the rare performative traditions of these indigenous Sarawakian peoples.

With support from the Australian Council for the Arts and with original compositions by Corrina Bonshek together with Adrian Jo Milang, KELUNAN debuted in 2019 bringing native Sarawakian performance art to a greater audience.

Produced by The Tuyang Initiative, the show provides a distinctive and accessible gateway into the history and early lifestyle and culture of the Kayan and Kenyah. KELUNAN is crafted to provide a 50-minute journey from war to love and times of celebration. It is delivered through the poetic singing-storytelling traditions of both communities, dances, stage-acting and live music from traditional instruments.


Date: 5th of July 2020
Time: 3:00 pm – 3:50pm 
Venue: The Auditorium @ Old Court House

Photo credited to Mosesparen Production